System Dynamics for Environmental Engineering Students

Native header: System Dynamics for Environmental Engineering Students
Author: A.Blumberga, D.Blumberga, G.Bažbauers, P.Davidsen, E.Moxnes, I.Dzene, A.Barisa, G.Žogla, E.Dāce, A.Ozarska
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In 1961 the American meteorologist Edward Lorenz discovered the so-called Butterfly Effect. He observed that a minuscule change in the wind and weather conditions in one area of the world (for example, the flapping of a butterfly's wings in Brazil) could potentially influence the formation of a radically different weather even in another part of the world (such as a tornado in Texas), which would not have otherwise formed on its own. This widely- known metaphor expresses one of the qualities of dynamic systems, namely, that small changes in the system's initial parameters can cause significant long - term variations in the system.

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