Innovative road and bridge engineering


The study programme was implemented at Riga Technical University (RTU) and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) in accordance with the agreement concluded on 17 March 2014 about the joint study programme. The study programme prepares highly qualified specialists for independent scientific research and practice in road and bridge design, construction and maintenance in Latvia, Lithuania or other countries. The form of study is fulltime studies. The language of the rating of studies and their results will be English. The duration of the studies is 1.5 years. The study programme was developed in light of higher professional education trends in Europe. The study programme is designed to be recognizable in Europe so that students gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to be competitive and the corresponding requirements of the labour market. The study programme is being implemented with the help of different study forms: lectures, practical classes and individual literature studies. Semester one classroom lectures will take place at VGTU, semester two – at RTU and the place for semester three lectures, i.e. VGTU or RTU will depend on the selected module by a student. During the studies, students will gain the latest knowledge about the theoretical and practical innovations in road and bridge design, construction and traffic safety for both Latvia and Lithuania, and the world. During the studies, students acquire in-depth knowledge about road pavement construction, bridge nonlinear analysis, road network planning theory, as well as methods of complex road analyses and determination of risk and safety factors in bridge engineering. The study concludes with a Master Thesis.

Short about programme
Faculty of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Programme type and level
Academic Master (Second Cycle) Studies
Study field
Architecture and Civil Engineering
Study form
Full-time studies

Awarded degree and qualification
Master degree of engineering science in civil engineering / –
Required previous education
Professional bachelor degree in civil engineering or professional bachelor degree in transportation engineering, or comparable education
Price per year
€ 4 460 - EU countries
€ 4 460 - Non EU countries
Credit point/ECTS amount
Duration of studies
Full-time studies - 1.5 years

The general objective of the study programme is to provide a set of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to ensure that students attain the relevant competencies of a master's academic degree.
The study programme shall aim at preparing students for independent scientific research activity, providing academic education in order to prepare for further doctoral studies, teaching activities of higher education or practical work in the field of transport infrastructure engineering.


General objectives of the study programme:
- to ensure competitive master's higher education according to international standards and to prepare students for practical work, to develop research skills and encourage their use;
- to provide students with comprehensive knowledge in the field of Transportation Engineering, make professional skills and develop competencies in accordance with labour market requirements;
- to promote interest in further education and supplement of academic and professional knowledges;
- to encourage student's interest in social processes, to stimulate students' development as positive, modern, accountable and fully capable personalities who can act independently and make decisions independently;
- to ensure development and changes of programme content, study process and scientific research according to the latest technologies and knowledge in the field of road and bridge engineering, international practice, science and didactic practice;
- to encourage staff and student interaction in scientific research and practical use of obtained results according to international standards and trends in the civil engineering industry;
- to promote and develop the international exchange of academic staff and students and participation in projects.


Graduates of the study programme are qualified specialists who can design roads, bridges and other structures for transport infrastructure, manage and maintain these structures; can make the design calculations, is familiar with construction material technology and construction management; can organize and manage the site resources professionally and in a cost-effective manner - may make the construction and operation process of planning and monitoring: examine the design documentation, site marketing plan for all the partners involved in cooperation and the arrangements for carrying out the work, to give the necessary instructions to subordinates and sales members and to check the executive documentation of orders, to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the standard and within the time limits laid down in the approved framework and the costs are included in the estimates; is able to plan the necessary measures to ensure the quality and road safety on the site; draw up and control the executive documentation; control and analyse the execution of work and the organization of work and conduct the projects on appropriate technological level, the effective and appropriate use of resources; can conduct scientific research and the development of new construction engineering theories and methods.


Doctoral studies.

Specific conditions

English language proficiency equivalent to at least CEFR B2 level.