Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Chemistry and Chemical Technology

The study programme is the only programme in this field in Latvia, as it includes the acquisition of basic theoretical education in chemistry and chemical technology, acquisition of practical skills in teaching and research laboratories, as well as internship in the speciality. The study programme includes specialization in different fields of chemical technology: Production Technology and Environmental Aspects, Chemistry and Technology of Organic Substances, Chemistry and Technology of Biomaterials, Chemistry and Technology of Polymer Materials, Chemistry and Technology of Inorganic Materials, Analytical Chemistry. Simultaneously to theoretical studies during the elaboration of bachelor thesis and within speciality study courses student acquires research methods and technique, as well as can obtain practical skills at enterprises.
Study programme trains specialists for enterprises dealing with processing and manufacturing chemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceutical products, food, cosmetics, fuel, wood, ceramics, textile and building materials, as well as specialists for corresponding research and quality control laboratories, research institutions and commercial companies. Knowledge of chemical technology allows graduates to work in companies of different branches, wherever there is a need for engineering specialists who are familiar with chemical processes, are able to ensure their quality, are able to develop new methods and equipment, create, design and implement new, innovative technologies. Such knowledge is necessary to work in testing, quality control and research laboratories of different products and materials. Graduates intended to research are prepared for further studies in master programmes.

Short about programme
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology
Programme type and level
Academic Bachelor (First Cycle) Studies
Study field
Chemistry, Chemical Technologies and Bio-Technology
Study form
Full-time studies

Awarded degree and qualification
Bachelor degree of engineering science in chemical technology/ –
Required previous education
Secondary education
Price per year
€ 3 220 - EU countries
€ 3 220 - Non EU countries
Credit point/ECTS amount
Duration of studies
Full-time studies - 4 years

To educate chemical technology specialists with academic knowledge and practical research skills in the fields of chemistry and chemical technology. To prepare graduates for independent work in companies related to the organization and control of chemical processes, quality assurance of materials and products in the field of chemical technology, chemistry and materials science, as well as for further studies in the master study programme.


Tasks of the study programme:
- to ensure competitive bachelor level education in chemical engineering corresponding to EFCE (European Federation of Chemical Engineering) Bologna recommendations;
- to provide a scientific base for professional activities, to develop scientific analytical skills and the ability of independent solving of problems, as well as to prepare graduates for further master level studies.


A holder of a bachelor degree in chemical engineering implements, organizes and supervises chemical processes by applying and developing necessary methods, equipment and technologies. Such specialist designs projects of production units, technological lines and automatization of processes, elaborate management and monitoring methods of processes, as well as methods of quality control and conformity evaluation of products and materials, sets up measures for occupational safety and environmental protection, appraises production risks and makes responsible decisions; such specialist analyses, evaluates, creates, spreads and implements in practice processes and technologies, as well as methods of quality management and improvement in order to promote the technological development of enterprise, to increase effectiveness and quality of operation and to guarantee occupational safety. Graduate can work as laboratory assistant or technologist at any enterprise dealing with the realization of chemical or biotechnological processes, at research, testing and quality control laboratories, which are engaged in elaboration or quality control of new technologies, materials and products. Graduates can work as self-employed persons or individual businessmen, as well as laboratory assistants or research assistants at research institutions.


Graduates of the study programme can continue studies in an academic master study programme.

Specific conditions

English language proficiency equivalent to at least CEFR B2 level.