Business Finance

Business Finance

The study program is a two-year master study program in financial management (120 ECTS). The offered degree is Master of Science (MSc) in Financial Management. Applicants should be interested in the quantitative analysis of economic, financial and business processes, possess strong analytical abilities and be aware of quantitative methods to apply in any given situation. The study program enables students to acquire necessary knowledge and analytical skills for becoming a professional in the chosen area and forms a basis for a long-term career.

Short about programme
Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management
Programme type and level
Academic Master (Second Cycle) Studies
Study field
Management and Administration, Real Estate Management
Study form
Full-time studies

Awarded degree and qualification
Master degree of social science in finance
Required previous education
Bachelor degree or fifth level professional qualification in economics, finance or commercial science and administration, or comparable education
Price per year
€ 2 590 - EU countries
€ 3 220 - Non EU countries
Credit point/ECTS amount
Duration of studies
Full-time studies - 2 years
Autumn / Spring

The goal of the study program is to equip students with profound theoretical knowledge appropriate to Academic Master Degree and the National Standard of Academic Education in business finance management; to develop research skills of enterprise finance manager and asset management specialist for financial decision making in dynamically changing business environment.


The objectives of the study program:
- to provide students with broad knowledge of business finance management and related fields to enable them to make financial decisions in today's changing business environment;
- to provide such a study process organization which promotes students’ research competence in company’s financial management and financial asset management, considering problems from different perspectives;
- to promote students' skills to work in: a) companies of real economic sector to manage financial resources and b) financial services for asset management, observing the norms of business ethics and principles of corporate social responsibility;
- to promote through different contexts students' skills to: learn independently; think critically, analytically and creatively; use new digital technologies; speak and reason based on scientific arguments and sound judgement; solve problems individually and in cooperation with colleagues;
- to promote students' ability to reflect on their own performance in order to self- manage professional development, broaden career choices and be prepared for further studies and research in doctoral study programs.


Graduates are able to conduct research in the field of financial management, to manage financial resources and assets and to work at organizations and companies of various types and sizes in different branches of industry.


Having completed the study program “Business Finance”, students may continue their education at the doctoral study programs.

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