Summer Schools

Riga Technical University has more than 20 years of experience in organizing summer/winter schools and all sorts of short-term courses

From 2000 the RTU has organized various summer/winter schools for students and participants from all over the world. The academic personnel of the Faculties together with their colleagues from industries and partner universities share their unique theoretical knowledge and practical experience with participants, motivating them to reach ambitious goals and advance their career. More than 1500 participants have already used this opportunity.

Why should you apply for RTU summer/winter schools?

Summer/winter schools are an excellent, additional educational opportunity for those students who want to spend their free time outside degree studies meaningfully – acquiring new knowledge, practical skills and experience. Summer/winter schools provide not only intensive face-to-face classes, but also extracurricular activities that are created to contribute not only supplement knowledge, but also to increase socialization and cultural awareness.

Global higher education institutions’ experience gained in many years organizing short-term courses convenes with Riga Technical University’s confidence that summer/winter schools have a positive effect on students and promote useful skills development. We are convinced that they develop self-confidence and independent learning skills, as summer/winter schools tend to increase the true potential of participants and reduce doubts about their abilities. Participation in this type of educational school allows you to enjoy the experience provided by an intensive and joint action study environment, which envisages studies in small groups in close cooperation, interaction with the teacher, which allows you to ask questions and promotes students’ creativity.

What are the advantages of attending RTU summer/winter schools?
  • We offer ECTS credits for our courses which you can transfer as a part of your studies.
  • Great international experience, new friends and contacts.
  • Unique opportunity to get to know fellow students from all over the world, meet locals and expand your worldview by getting to know a new culture.
  • Improve your English language proficiency, communication skills and vocabulary.

Nanophotonics: Close-Up for the Future

Nanophotonics: Close-Up for the Future is a captivating summer school that explores the exciting and transformative field of nanophotonics. School offers an in-depth look at how light and nanoscale structures intersect to create innovations with the potential to reshape our future.

Intensive English and Cross-Cultural Communication

The Intensive English Language Summer School has been designed to develop participant’s English language knowledge, improve communication skills and grammatical accuracy of speech. The course is provided by native speakers and professional academic staff of Riga Technical University.

Swarm Master: Drone Fleet Commander Bootcamp

The Swarm Master: Drone Fleet Commander Bootcamp is an intensive and immersive summer school that delves deep into the world of drones. This program is ideal for anyone fascinated by the potential of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Participants will experience a thrilling blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, enabling them to master the art of piloting and coordinating drone fleets.

The NEXT | The Young Global Leaders Camp

The Summer school is designed with the aim of introducing its participants to the skills and abilities that will be in high demand in the labour market in the near future, which will be especially relevant for those who intend to start a business or occupy leading positions in companies or state institutions.

Time Capsule of Latvian Footprints

Every country has its own «story of its life» and Latvia is not an exception. The best stories are the ones that surprise listeners and include adventure, mystery and unknown facts. The best storytellers are those who live between these stories and events.