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Psychological support

Psychological consultation is a voluntary collaborative process that helps persons to address certain difficulties in their life better, adapt to a new situation more quickly and effectively. Difficulties faced by students differ, but, when not resolved timely, they can last longer and affect the quality of their studies or even lead to termination of studies. The psychologist's support is focused on reviewing the student's most pressing issues, and this usually requires time for up to four consultations. However, when agreeing with a psychologist, students can also use the provided support for a longer period.

The goal of the psychological support programme is:

  • to assist students in developing new strategies for management of the study-related stress and time planning; 
  • to assist in finding a solution for communication difficulties, lack of motivation, feeling sick for a long time, burn-out syndrome, etc.;
  • to promote psychological well-being of RTU students and employees.