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Business Interest Club «Briefcase» (ended)

Business Interest Club «Briefcase» (ended)




Since 2010, the RTU Career Centre, in cooperation with members of RTU MTAF SP, has been offering free informal business education for one study year. The project was ended in 2018.






Business Interest Club «Briefcase» aim:

Enabling students of technical specialties to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge of business and management.

Business Interest Club «Briefcase» tasks: 

  • Provide aggregated information on additional non-formal business education opportunities.
  • Encourage business development.
  • To ensure the acquisition of business basics.
  • To promote the recognition of RTU.
  • To promote cooperation with companies.

Realisation process: 

  • Application - filling out an electronic questionnaire that is examined in the tender procedure.
  • Lessons - one to twice a week, between September and next years January.
  • Final test - developing a Business Project.
  • Receipt of a statement - RTU certificate on the acquisition of non-formal business education and 2 credit-points.