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Career centre

Activities and services organised by the Career Centre are based on 3 objectives: 

  • promoting cooperation and communication between universities, students, employers and RTU graduates;
  • helping youth to integrate into the labour market and develop professional careers;
  • provide career and psychological support.

Work and internship

In this section, you will find a link to the job and practice vacancy portal, get practical suggestions for preparing a CV and a motivational letter, and you will be able to find out about the arrangements for organising internships in the RTU.

Career support

Future and current students and graduates of RTU have a wide range of activities available aiming to ensure the comprehensive support and growth of their career. In this section, you can find out what activities are meant exactly for you.  

Psychological support

RTU students may apply for free consultations of a psychologist, in order to resolve problems related to their personality, relations, study motivation or stress management and to be able to strengthen their emotional well-being.

Support for students with disabilities

RTU students with disabilities or other special needs can apply for the support, so that RTU would provide a full-fledged study process for all students.

For companies

We offer a variety of opportunities for companies and organisations to participate in the life of RTU - projects, seminars, guest lectures etc.

Projects and seminars

We organize a variety of projects and seminars to promote student careers and self-development.

Career day

The Career Day of RTU is the largest event devoted to student career and practice related issues in Latvia, which over the years has helped students start or develop their professional career.

Promoting diversity

Various activities and information materials are available to RTU students and staff within the framework of the Diversity Programme.