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Diploma supplement and diploma copy

Diploma supplement and diploma copy

We make an attested copy of diplomas. You can receive a copy of your diploma by arriving to the Student Service at 6 Āzenes Street, Riga (1st Floor) and taking with you the original of your diploma. The cost is 2 EUR.

Starting with 2018, graduates of Riga Technical University receive annexes to their diplomas signed with electronic signature. It is possible to download the original of your diploma with safe e-signature from the Ortus section - Study information.

We make an attested copy of the electronically signed annex to the diploma in Latvian and English for RTU graduates (starting from 2018). The cost is 7 EUR.




How to receive?

  • Come to the Student Service or send your application to , providing your first name, surname, certificate No.; 
  • Receive a confirmation;
  • Come after your annex to the diploma to the Student Service at 6 Āzenes Street, Riga (1st Floor) on the provided day.

Sample of annex to the diploma

Most asked questions

Is diploma supplemet the same as transcript of records?
No, the diploma supplement is issued when a higher education institution is completed and it contains information about all study courses, grades and information about education levels. It is an official document that is issued together with a diploma. A transcript of records can also be obtained during studies and reflects the courses taken, the grades obtained and the amount of credit points.
Is it possible to make a certified copy of the diploma supplement and send it by post?
Yes. We will send you an invoice, when we receive a payment order from you, we will send you a document.