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Career support

Career development is a process that continues throughout our entire life. It starts at school, with the selection of the direction of our studies, and continues with searches for the first place of practice and job, choosing the specialisation and developing our professional knowledge and skills. Neither does it stop when we find a stable job, as our personality is developing and, after a number of successful years in the profession, people tend to change their occupation.

The goal of the career support programme is:

  • To provide a comprehensive support to students in the process of searching for job and practice;
  • To inform on the job searching process and how to make it more efficient;
  • To provide consultations to students on the development and adjustment of their CV and motivation letters;
  • To assist students with their job search strategies and preparation for their job interview;
  • To support in taking career decisions by making a comprehensive analysis of the situation.

The career support programme offered by RTU is aimed at supporting people starting with a secondary school and up to graduation from a university.