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RTU Student service

Future students

  • Individual consultations on selecting the relevant studies for pupils of secondary schools and other potential students. 

Throughout the entire year, free consultations are available to future students on selecting the most appropriate study programme. 

During the individual consultations, you have the opportunity: 

  • To become aware of your strong sides and capabilities;
  • To determine the study programmes that are most appropriate for you;
  • To develop an individual plan of decision-taking;
  • To ask questions to the consultants about your field of interest and its job opportunities;
  • To receive information regarding topical issues on the labour market.
Most asked questions
How long is such a consultation? Usually, it takes from one hour to hour and a half, depending on the topic of the conversation. Sometimes, in order to choose the appropriate study programme, several consultations are required. In this case, you might be given some home tasks to be done between the meetings.
How does the consultation take place? The selection of studies includes familiarisation with different areas of your life. Usually, it takes place in the form of a structured talk, where a consultant asks different questions about studies, wishes, family habits, etc. To discover your strong sides or capabilities, shorter or longer tests are used. At times, other methods are used as well, for example, games or different homeworks. 
Shall they persuade me to select one of the RTU study programmes? No, the task of the consultant is to help the future student to find the most appropriate studies, to be able to study with pleasure in the selected field. If you apply to RTU Career Centre, then, most probably, you are already thinking about selecting studies in the engineering field. If not, then, during the consultation, you will have an opportunity to extend your knowledge also about RTU study programmes, your capabilities and job opportunities, and, thus, to make an informed choice.
  • Educational career classes for students of secondary and vocational training establishments 

During the classes, the students will have the opportunity: 

  • to find out what influences the career choice of young people;
  • to think about their capabilities and suitability for higher education studies;
  • to ask questions of interest about professions, job opportunities, etc.

What are the topics?

1) Choosing one’s profession and studies. During the class, the main principles of choosing one’s profession will be considered and initial steps for the successful professional choice will be discussed, how to make such a choice.
2) Career opportunities in engineering sciences. During the class, the main areas of work for engineers will be considered and study opportunities at RTU. 

Where are the classes held? At Ķīpsala Campus.
How long is the class? 45 min – 1.5 h, as per agreement.