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For students

Daily activities at the university can be a fascinating adventure, but they can also be very challenging and entailing a number of difficulties, both when starting studies and when developing graduation papers. Psychological support can help, if you are:

  • First year student and you experience difficulties in adapting to studies at the university:  
    • Use individual consultations of a psychologist (apply by filling in the application form); 
    • opportunity to apply for training of communication skills for uniting the group mates;
    • attend public seminars organised by the Career Centre, for example, seminars on improving learning skills or time planning. 
  • Students of any study level and year:
    • Apply for individual consultations of a psychologist (apply by filling in the application form);
    • attend public seminars organised by the Career Centre on improving general skills and mental health support.
  • Students who go for exchange studies
    • Use an opportunity to apply for the online support consultation (apply by filling in the application form) to receive support in the adaptation process, structuring of your new daily routine or other issues. 
  • Students who develop a graduation paper 
    • Apply for consultations (apply by filling in the application form) on the process of developing a graduation paper and settling of debts. The support includes awareness of the scale of the problem, formulation of the target, plan development and regular motivational meetings.


Types of consultations and topics regarding which students apply to a psychologist:

  • Consultations on difficulties with studies:

Studies at the university, especially during the first academic year, resemble an adventurous experience, but they can also cause different challenges. A psychologist helps students to develop new strategies for overcoming the stress related to studies and time planning, helps to develop personal competences and study skills.
An advice from the RTU psychologist can be useful, when:

  • you find it difficult to plan your time for study works and rest;
  • you cannot get to tasks and overcome laziness;
  • it is hard to find the appropriate style of studies for yourself;
  • you feel anxiety about the chosen direction of studies or job, etc.
  • Consultations of a psychologist on personal issues:

Psychological counselling is a voluntary cooperation process, which allows persons to resolve current difficulties in their life more successfully, as well as to adjust to a new situation faster and more efficiently. Depending on the issue, the number of meetings may be from one to ten.
The difficulties faced by the students during their studies often require an immediate solution. Such type of cooperation is very much focused on the current issue and usually require up to four consultations. 
People tend to apply for support in the situations, when they feel: 

  • lasting stress and anxiety;
  • lack of motivation and difficulties to concentrate for work;
  • communication difficulties;
  • problems in relations;
  • difficulties in achieving goals;
  • as well as in crises cases (when losing immediate family members, experiencing violation, struggling with suicidal thoughts, etc.).