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Bind and laminate

Diploma binding / hard covers:

  • Binding in hard covers for bachelor or master diploma. We can bind up to 300 pages;
  • We offer three different colors of your choice- blue, green and red;
  • It is possible to change sheets if needed;
  • Cover designs we offer

*If the document has foldable A3 or A2 pages, this will reduce the total number of pages to be bound.

Plastic spirals: 

  • Plastic coil spiral binding allows to bind documents up to 145 pages;
  • Adding or removal of additional pages is quick and convenient. For document protection we offer plastic (transparent clear) front cover and cardboard back cover;
  • We offer two classic color spirals - black and white.


  • Laminating documents and other materials. Laminate up to A3 size;
  • Make everyday documents last longer with lamination - protect your menus, manuals, maps, certificates, signs and instruction sheets. Lamination provides protection from water and other damages;


To bind or laminate the works, you have to come to RTU Student Service (Riga, Āzenes Street 6) and it will be done in a queue. The process itself, depending on the amount of work, takes up to 30 minutes, the rest of the waiting time depends on the number of students.

If You have any questions: