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For students

The only document confirming the student’s status at Riga Technical University is RTU ID card. Simultaneously, it is used as an electronic door key (electronic door locks are used at several faculties of the university and its regional centres).

Why is the RTU student ID card needed?

  • From the autumn term of the 2015/2016 academic year, RTU student ID card serves as the only document confirming the student’s status;
  • Simultaneously, it is used as an electronic door key (electronic door locks are used at several faculties of the university and its regional centres);
  • Possibility to use services of the RTU library;
  • Any organisational unit of RTU may require to present the valid RTU Student ID;
  • The teaching staff may require to present the valid Student ID to confirm identity of the student coming to lectures, examinations, etc;
  • To use the services provided by RTU Student Service, e.g. to prepare statements, transcripts of records, etc.

Receipt and extension of student ID cards:

  • Upload/replace your photo in the ORTUS section “Profile” (more information about uploading picture) and apply for the ID card in Ortus or contact the Student Service (by e-mail ) to receive your first ID card. To extend the card, you need to apply for extention through Ortus or by going to Student service.
  • If you are the 1st year student – can apply for a card from August 1, if a study agreement has been signed, you can recieve it in person or upload your photo in the Ortus «Profile» section and receive your student ID by mail or later at RTU Student Service.
  • If you did not take your photo or did not place it in Ortus prior to the start of the academic year, go to the Student Service and have your Student ID prepared on the spot. It will take approximately 5 min.
  • If you are a senior student – go to the Student Service to extend your ID card starting from the first day of the academic year. 
  • Handle your ID card with due care, as you will use it throughout the entire period of your studies. With a start of a new academic year, you can go with your existing ID card to RTU Student Service to have it extended by affixing a holographic label.

The first student ID card is issued for free.
In case of losing your ID card, the cost of making a new one is 8 euro.

Specifications of photos 
Your photo should be formal. The student ID card is a person-identifying document.
Person’s appearance on the picture:
  • eyes open, not covered with hair;
  • both sides of the face are equally lit and visible in the same way;
  • if a person wears glasses, there is no reflection in them and the glasses are not tinted;
  • a person does not have a headgear on, unless this person wears it every day for religious reasons and the headgear does not cover the face or part thereof;
  • a person is in casual, business-friendly clothing.

Physical data of the image:

  • the image background is monochromatic (white or light);
  • photo is colored;
  • the person is in the centre of the image or the head is in the middle of the frame;
  • the entire head is seen, from the top line of the hair to the bottom line of the chin. The head should occupy 50-70% of the photo.;
  • no other persons or objects are visible on the background. 
Cases when RTU student ID card may be received for free:
  • When starting studies of any level on the first year;
  • Students of the first year of Master’s/PhD studies:
    • who studied at RTU before may extend their existing student ID card (unless they change the faculty);
    • who do not wish to extend their existing card, may have a new one made for free;
  • In the event of changing their surname, having presented the respective document (entry of the Ministry of Justice, marriage certificate, etc.);
  • When starting studies at a new faculty of RTU;
  • Your student ID card is stolen and there is a police notice on the theft.


Most asked questions

My student card is out of date, how can i extend it?
You must come to the Student Service with the existing card and it will be extended by applying a holographic sticker.
How can I extend my students discount for public transportation?
First extend the student card, then submit an application to Rīgas Satiksme.
Or, if your student card has been extended and your student card has a personal identification code, go to one of the Rīgas Satiksme customer service points.


In the event of any queries regarding RTU student cards, please apply to the Student Service by phone +671 67089364, e-mail or visiting us at 6 Āzenes Street, Riga.