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Coorperation possibilities

In order to promote positive relations between universities and companies, organizations we offer different cooperation options:


Individual company presentations

We present You new format of «Individual company presentations» - the format of which we will come together in more interesting way than usual. The basis of this idea and the biggest difference from other forms of cooperation – food! It's no secret that every student likes to snack. Let's combine the pleasant one with the useful one. As we go along with time, we have observed that classical company presentations are not too exciting for the student, so neither the student nor the company are satisfied. We crave for more interesting and innovative acitivities. We've already prepared a couple of ideas.

Guest lectures

This is an activity that is included in the study program lecture plan. Guest lecturers are employees of companies who share their professional experience and knowledge, promoting students' deeper understanding of how knowledge is applied in practice, as well as allow to identify in more detail the topic of a field or learn the most important news. The Career Center invites companies to apply for their guest lecturers and lecture topics. The collected topics will be submitted for approval to the directors of the respective study programs. The time of each guest lecture is planned by individual agreement.


We offer the opportunity to organize the admission of RTU student groups to your company, showing the specifics of the company's activities, work environment and work processes. In this way, practically introducing students to the real processes in the field and giving them the opportunity to look into the possible future workplace. Place where excursion will take place must be located in Latvia!

New projects

RTU career center is open to various new and unrealized ideas. By combining our and the company's ideas and resources, we can agree on a common new experience for both students and organizers. 


If your company has questions about RTU students, study process or has other questions, we will be happy to help.

Contact us by phone: +371 67089025 , email:  or by visiting us Āzenes street 6, Riga, 1st floor.