International Week

International WeekSince 2012 International Relations Department of Riga Technical University (RTU IRD) organizes annual International Week in order to find new partners and strengthen the existing cooperation. The event results in new partnership agreements, which are further successfully used by RTU students, academic personnel and employees.  

On their return to home universities, the visitors of the International Week maintain cooperation with representatives of different departments, academic staff and students of RTU on the daily basis. In such a way international recognition of RTU is promoted and more vigorous bilateral student and academic personnel exchange and cooperation within different research projects is facilitated.

Special work groups are organized since 2015, where the participants can gain in-depth understanding about financial management principles of partner universities and associated budget planning issues. Best practices may later be introduced at other universities. Keynote speakers inform the participants on raising financing from different funds and its allocation in project implementation.

Various thematic lectures, presentations and discussions are organized within the International Week. Participants visit RTU faculties and administrative units, as well as cultural events, where they do not only learn new information about RTU and the scope of university activities, but also raise their awareness about the Latvian culture.

Call for participation in RTU International Week is announced in February and the event itself is held at the end of May.  

International Week 2017

The 6th International Staff Training Week was organized from 22 till 26 May, 2017. It united 42 participants from 16 countries. The five-day program consisted of plenary sessions, workshops, presentations and social events.

For the third time the program was designed both for international officers and staff dealing with financial management of HEI. There was a specific parallel program for participants whose professional field is connected to finance and accounting in HEI. The program included meetings with representatives of the Office of the Vice-Rector for Finance of RTU, presentations, workshops and visiting units of the Office of the Vice-Rector for Finance. The main themes covered accounting, financial management and planning in HEIs.

International Week 2016

International WeekThe fifth International Week was organized from 23 till 27 May, 2016. It united 35 participants from 9 counties: The Czech Republic, France, Greece, Island, Kosovo, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Germany.

The program of the International Week consisted of two thematic blocks. The first block comprised a series of workshops aimed at promoting experience exchange, development of competences, strengthening of the existing cooperation among partner universities and establishment of new contacts. The second block comprised a wide range of cultural and recreational activities. Riga was introduced as an attractive destination offering not only high quality learning environment, but also marvelous leisure opportunities.   

A special discussion was organized; it was dedicated to the opportunities offered by the EU support program Erasmus+ in promoting cultural diversity with an emphasis on the role of cross-culture communication in establishment of international cooperation and raising of global recognition of universities. Participants were briefed about dissemination of project results and the role of public relations in maintaining contacts with the media and educating the society, as well as the opportunities offered by Erasmus+.

Participants could gain a better understanding of financial management procedures and budget planning methodology in place at partner universities within special working groups, which were organized with an aim to share and adopt good practice. Participants also shared their experience in raising financing from different funds and allocation of resources within various projects. 

Participant feedback:

  • Thanks for the good time in Riga! I will recommend the workshop for my colleagues to join next year.
  • Why don’t you make it monthly but only once per year?
  • The organization before and during the International Week was just perfect. You made us feel very welcome.
  • I learntd so much in a very short time about so many countries, people, cultures and traditions. Erasmus+ is a very important program to feel better connected with Europe.
  • I gained friends, knowledge about other universities which are participating in this event, learned more about RTU (financial side), for example, how they manage the accounting department etc. I also learnt a new language!
  • It was very important for me to speak English and do practical tasks.  I really enjoyed the project of summarizing my personality in 15 seconds!
International Week 2015

International WeekThe fourth International Week was organized at RTU from 25 till 29 May, 2015.  31 participants visited the event, which united representatives of 21 universities from 9 European counties: Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary, and Germany.  

Participants were informed on international marketing activities of RTU and its achievements in attracting foreign students. The guests participated in the work of the working group and developed foreign student attraction strategy, sharing experience and good practice of the universities they represent.     

Along with detailed discussion of international cooperation issues, the guests could get involved in the work of special groups, which were organized to inform participants on the principles of financial management used at partner universities and on their budget planning policies, promoting adoption of the existing good practice for the needs of participating universities. Participants were also informed about financing provided by different funds and funding allocation principles in research project implementation. They also discussed positive and negative experience of the participating universities in maintaining dialogue with the policy-makers.  

Participant feedback:

  • Great workshops, very relevant to the context of my work. Great atmosphere! I loved the staff training at RTU! Thanks!
  • Perfectly organized, very good mixture of information, lectures and entertainment.
  • Good to know other colleagues with financial background.
  • Very informative and interesting week, nice connections with different persons – it was a very funny group, really enjoyed it.
International Week 2014

International WeekThe third International Week organized by IRD was held from 26 till 30 May, 2014. 34 participants representing 25 universities from 11 countries attended the event.  RTU welcomed visitors from the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, and Germany.   

The agenda was dedicated to such issues as the newest tendencies in internationalization of the higher education. Participants of the International Week went on personalized visits to RTU faculties and administrative units to meet their colleagues and discuss in detail the issues concerning promotion of cooperation and setting of common goals. 

As it was recognized by all participants at the closing event, the International Week appeared to be a valuable and interesting experience not only in view of potential benefits with regard to professional advancement. True inspiration was created by hospitality, openness and friendliness, which the participants experienced both on the RTU premises and beyond. The work and organizational capacity of RTU International Relations Department and the expertise demonstrated by its staff regarding the issues related to student mobility and internationalization were also highly praised.  

Participant feedback:

  • I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to visit and participate in such a major event!  Before I came here, I considered several opportunities to go on employee experience exchange trip. I chose Riga and RTU. I am absolutely sure that I made the right choice as the program of our visit was very interesting, both individual visits and group work. Upon return to my country I will definitely suggest my administration to organize an event like this at our university as well!
International Week 2013

International WeekThe second International Week was held from 27 to 31 May, 2013. It was attended by 39 participants representing 30 universities from 12 countries: Belgium, Greece, Estonia, Italy, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Spain, Turkey, and Hungary.

Visitors of the International Week were informed about tertiary education system in Latvia and the structure of RTU, its research platforms and strategic development plans, for example, development of RTU Campus in Ķīpsala. Participants could also learn about RTU experience concerning cooperation with the industry, which facilitates design, launch and promotion of various innovative products in the market.

Participants had a chance to learn about strategic guidelines of RTU and the activities it implemented on its way to becoming the third generation university.  Guests and hosts maintained active dialogue on the development of the internationalization process both at RTU and participant home universities, shared their experience in attracting, enrolling, educating and training foreign students.

Participant feedback:

  • Very well-organized event; enjoyable, interesting, inspiring, etc. Taking part in your international week will be one of the most important experience for me.
  • It was an awesome event which has left only good impressions. You are doing an excellent work and it will be a pleasure to continue our fruitful cooperation. I hope that I will have the chance to visit your Institution and your wonderful town in the future as well!!! Thank you for your warmth, hospitality and cooperation!
  • It was a very intensive and productive week, a useful experience. Everything that you’ve suggested was interesting and I enjoyed the kind and warm atmosphere.
  • It was professionally organized. The colleagues were kind and friendly. It was the best training week I’ve ever been to.
  • When we received the invitation to RTU International Staff Training Week, I knew it’s an event I have to take part in. I am glad I managed to come to Riga. It has been an excellent opportunity to learn from each other and to exchange experience.
  • Very informative, interesting, useful. It was pleasure to be here. RTU training week – go on!
International Week 2012

International Week24 participants from 11 countries took part in the first International Week, which was held from 28 May till 1 June 2012. Visitors from France, Georgia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Rumania, Finland, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and Germany attended the event.

Participants were informed on tertiary education system in Latvia and on the opportunities to establish joint study programs, as well as on the newest research results concerning implementation of the Bologna Process in Latvia and Europe. Visitors were also informed on the concept of the third generation university. They could learn about innovations, which became “the way of life” of RTU, as well as about positive experience of RTU Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management in implementation of numerous Erasmus projects.

Visitors of the International Week learned about the opportunities offered to foreign students by RTU. They could develop a better understanding of the differences in communication practices used by different nations. The participants also went on individual visits to many RTU faculties and administrative units to meet their colleagues and counterparts to discuss concrete cooperation issues, as well as to plan common future tasks.

Join our International Staff Training Week!

Riga Technical University is pleased to announce its 9th International Staff Training Week, which will take place from 25 May to 29 May 2020 in Riga, Latvia. The five-day program consists of workshops, presentations and social events.