Erasmus+ World Staff

Erasmus+ World Staff

Partner countries

Erasmus+ partner countries include applicants from outside the European Union.

Erasmus+ partner regions include the Western Balkans, Neighborhood East, Central Asia, Asia, theSouth-Mediterranean, the Middle East, thePacific, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. For more information on the opportunities available under Erasmus+, please consult the Erasmus+ World coordinators at RTU.





Application procedure

Step 1 – Nomination

Each Erasmus+ mobility candidate has to be officially nominated by their Home Institution. The nomination has to be approved with an official nomination document provided by the Home Institution (Nomination Letter).

Please Note:

  • The Nomination Letter is a mandatory requirement for all applicants, however, it does not guarantee acceptance. Approval for the mobility is subject to availability of funding, quality of the candidate’s application, the availability of the receiving department/faculty at RTU, and other factors.
  • The individual support grant and the travel support grant for the mobility participant is financed through the Erasmus+ Key Action 171 funding mechanism administered by RTU.
  • Staff may apply for an Erasmus+ mobility only if their Home Institution has an active Erasmus+ cooperation agreement with RTU.
Step 2 – Online Application
Once RTU has received the official Nomination Letter from the candidate’s Home Institution, the candidate may fill out the online application at Only submitted applications are considered valid. Please do not submit an application before you have been nominated by your Home Institution!
Partner universities
Before applying, find out whether your University has signed an Inter-Institutional Agreement with RTU for the cooperation within the Erasmus+ program by email .

If you have any questions, please contact incoming Erasmus+ mobility coordinator (Universities outside Europe):