Erasmus+ Europe Students

Erasmus+ Europe Students

Programme countries

Erasmus+ programme countries include applicants from EU, EEA, EETA and Turkey.

The Erasmus+ programme aims to boost skills and employability, as well as modernising Education, Training, and Youth work. The seven year programme will have a budget of €14.7 billion. Erasmus+ will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad. From 2015 Erasmus+ offer mobility grants to applicants outside the European Union. For details on visit Erasmus+ for Programme countries or Erasmus+ for Partner countries.





Admission procedure

Step 1 – Arrangements at your home university

Make sure that you have checked with your home university that you receive credit points for your Erasmus + exchange studies at Riga Technical University. Your university will send a nomination via online survey, and you will be contacted by our staff.

Note! Your Erasmus grant will be paid by your home university.

Step 2 –  Online application
Apply online at Only submitted online applications will be considered valid.
Nomination deadlines 
1 May for Autumn Semester and Academic year 
1 November for Spring Semester
Application deadlines
15 May for Autumn Semester
15 November for Spring Semester


Step 3 – Requested documents

Fill in the required information in the online application and follow these steps:

  • Attach copy of your passport;
  • Attach official transcript of records in English (i.e. a list of courses you have completed).

Note! Master level students have to submit also bachelor level diploma supplement in English.

Note! Transcript of records has to reflect that student has successfully completed all academic requirements at home university. Students with failed grades and, accordingly with academic debts at home university, will not be accepted as exchange students at Riga Technical University.

  • Submit an official English language proficiency confirmation, stating knowledge of at least level B2 according to CEFR, it can be a confirmation from your home university;
  • A Portfolio – if you are applying to the Faculty of Architecture;

Note! If you are applying to the Faculty of Architecture, your acceptance for exchange studies will depend on the evaluation of your portfolio and academic background. It is advisable that at the time of application, student is at least in 4th semester on a bachelor level studies, meaning – will have finished at least 2 years of studies in the field of architecture at the time of exchange.

Note! Please, pay attention on course entry requirements on each Faculty course list! It is recommended choosing courses not more than from two different faculties.

  • Attach a copy of Learning Agreement prepared and signed by the home university (in case of paper files). In case of online Learning Agreement, please, note that RTU is connected to Erasmus Dashboard only. In case of other online platforms, the Learning Agreement shall be shared with RTU ICD for signature. Please, note that an online Learning Agreement can be sent for signature only after the reviewing of student’s submitted application to RTU.
Step 4 – Mobility documents

Acceptance letters by RTU, as well as Study Agreements and documents for visa application purposes (to non- EU students) will be provided to all selected candidates after they have successfully completed and submitted valid online application and signed the Learning Agreements with RTU.

NOTE! All mobility documents for the selected candidates are generated within the Incoming Exchange online application platform; therefore, it is essential that all personal details provided are 100% correct (official registered place of residence, personal data, etc.).

Step 5 – Other arrangements

Please, make sure that you are aware of the following:

If you are a citizen of a member state of European Union or European Economic Area, or Switzerland, you may reside in Latvia without visa.

If you are NOT a citizen of a member state of European Union or European Economic Area, or Switzerland, check immigration requirements HERE.

Please check accommodation with the university and see how to make a booking HERE.

For additional information contact

Academic calendar
In order to duly plan your arrival and departure, please see Latvian academic calendar HERE.

Buddy programme
If you will need daily practical assistance or simply a Latvian friend, who could help you in daily issues or teach you some Latvian language, then you may request a Buddy during your exchange semester.

Changes to the Learning Agreement
Students are allowed to do Changes to Learning Agreement only within the first 2 weeks after the lectures have started. Your coordinator will inform you about the procedure upon your arrival to RTU.

NB! For students applying for the Architecture courses in the Institute of Architecture and Design:

  • Follow the application deadlines - May 15 (for Autumn semester/Academic Year) and November 15 (for Spring semester);
  • A portfolio is a mandatory requirement for students applying to an exchange semester in the Architecture program;
  • There are limited spaces for how many students will be accepted for the Architecture programme. Therefore, keep in mind that your nomination to RTU does not guarantee you will be accepted. All students applying for exchange in the Architecture programme will be evaluated, based on portfolios, study level and grades at the home university. The Academic staff evaluating the students have the rights to reject a student's application, depending on the evaluation results.

If you have any questions, please contact incoming Erasmus+ students coordinator (European universities):

Ms Inga Riharda