Erasmus+ Europe Staff

Erasmus+ Europe Staff

Programme countries

Erasmus+ programme countries include applicants from EU, EEA, EETA and Turkey.

The Erasmus+ programme aims to boost skills and employability, as well as modernising Education, Training, and Youth work. The seven year programme will have a budget of €14.7 billion. Erasmus+ will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad. From 2015 Erasmus+ offer mobility grants to applicants outside the European Union. For details on visit Erasmus+ for Programme countries or Erasmus+ for Partner countries.




Admission procedure

Step 1 – Arrangements at your home university
Your Erasmus mobility grant will be paid by your home university, therefore, make sure to contact the responsible person(s) for Outgoing Erasmus Staff Exchanges at your home university. Inquire if your university has an Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) with RTU.
Step 2 – Arrangements at the chosen RTU Faculty or Department (using one or both options)

Contact and arrange the mobility placement (field, type, time etc.) directly with the RTU Faculty or Department of interest. This also involves the necessary documents and term arrangements.
Contact the RTU International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department to inquire about the possibilities for a Staff Exchange in any of the Faculties/Departments. In this case, please, send your:

  • CV;
  • Short motivation letter;
  • The fields that you are interested in for the mobility.
Step 3 – Online application
Once all the necessary arrangements have been settled with the hosting RTU Faculty or Department, it is mandatory to apply online at the RTU platform, in order to fully finish the registration process.

If you have any questions, please contact the responsible coordinator for Incoming Erasmus+ Europe Staff Exchanges: