Information about auctions

Riga Technical University Announces Repeated Written Auction for Latvian patent application No LVP2023000063 «Portable acoustic seal deterrent with non-contact replaceable batteries»

The object of the auction is non-exclusive licence for the right to use intellectual property – Latvian patent application No LVP2023000063 «Portable acoustic seal deterrent with non-contact replaceable batteries», application date 07.07.2023.

Starting price of the Auction Object:
Annual fixed payments in the amount of EUR 456.00 (four hundred fifty six euros and 00 cents) (excluding VAT). Licence fee also includes annual royalty payments in the amount of 2.5% (two point five percent) of the net revenue of the products sold and/or services provided by the Licensee, which include the Intellectual Property, or for which the Intellectual Property was used.

Auction Winner is the Auction Participant who offers the highest auction price for the Auction Object.

Please find below detailed information about the auction object, auction procedure and application form:

The Auction Application shall be submitted in the form of an electronic document, signed with a secure electronic signature by 10:00 (EEST) of December 8, 2023 and sent to e-mail until 12:00 (EET) of the same day.

The Auction Application can be also sent by registered mail or submitted in person to RTU Science and Innovation Centre, Department of Cooperation and Technology Transfer at Ķīpsalas Street 6A – 244, Riga, LV-1048 in a sealed envelope with an indication: “Application for the RTU Intellectual Property Auction. Do not open before 13:00 of December 8, 2023” by 10:00 of December 8, 2023 (EEST).

Time and place for opening Applications: at 13:00 (EEST) of December 8, 2023 online on the MS Teams platform.

The intellectual property has been created within the framework of the project No KC-PI-2022/6 «Commercialization of new generation seal deterrent device» of the operational programme «Growth and Employment» of the specific support goal 1.2.1 «To Increase the Private Sector Investments P&A», measure «Support for Improvement of the Technology Transfer System».

Results of Intellectual Property auction