Institute of Particle Physics and Accelerator Technologies
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Institute of Particle Physics and Accelerator Technologies


Demonstration of the ARIES Proof of Concept project at Riga Shipyard, 05.07.2019.
Photo: Riga Technical University

RTU Center of High Energy Physics and Accelerator Technologies is actively participating at international projects related to high-energy particle physics, accelerator technology and high-power computing, where Latvian scientists are involved and help to look for potential collaboration directions.

Development of hybrid electron accelerator system for the treatment of marine diesel exhaust gases

ARIES PoC stands for Proof of Concept under the «Accelerator Research and Innovation for European Science and Society» project.


Expanding our understanding of the fundamental laws of nature requires the energy frontier to be pushed further. Reaching this goal within the 21st century in an efficient and reliable way calls for a larger circular collider.


HERTIS (Hybrid Exhaust-gas-cleaning Retrofit Technology for International Shipping) project aims to develop a compliant, effective, safe and feasible ship engine exhaust gas treatment system.


The Innovation Fostering in Accelerator Science and Technology (I-FAST) project is a CERN coordinated H2020 project in the submission stage.


The goal of the EU Horizon 2020 project «Heavy Ion Therapy Research Integration plus» (HITRIplus) is to integrate and propel biophysics and medical research on cancer treatment with heavy ions beams while jointly developing its sophisticated instruments.

State Research Programme

The aims of this SRP are to develop the scientific collaboration of Latvian research institutes with CERN, aid in the development of master’s and doctoral study programmes in high-energy physics and accelerator technologies, as well as to develop fundamental research in these fields.