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CERN National Contact Point in Latvia

CERN Latvia Group meeting, 12.02.2020.
Photo: Riga Technical University

The National contact point for CERN in Latvia was established as a part of the Protocol to the ICA between Latvia and CERN. The duties of the national contact point form a crucial part of the portfolio of activities of the HEP&AT Centre.

The National contact point is involved in the following national and international activities:

  • The management of the CERN Latvia group, in which the HEP&AT Centre is a stakeholder, and its engagement in CERN-related activities;
  • Coordination and participation in the work of the CBG;
  • Dissemination of relevant information about CERN to Latvian partners, including industry representatives;
  • Exchange of information between CERN and the relevant governmental and policy making institutions;
  • Coordination of the development of the national capacity in high-energy physics research;
  • Support and facilitation of a variety of CERN and CERN-related outreach activities;
  • Representation of Latvia vis-à-vis CERN and other relevant stakeholders

The National contact point coordinates the following activities:

  • Participation of Latvian students in CERN student programmes, including the summer school programme;
  • Participation of Latvian teachers in the CERN teachers programme;
  • Visits to CERN by Latvian students and the academic, scientific and teaching staff, and visits to Latvia by CERN representatives;
  • Scientific and technical cooperation between Latvia and CERN in the development of high-energy physics and particle accelerator and detector technologies in the country;
  • Academic, scientific and technical training of Latvian university staff by experts from CERN.
  • Attraction of relevant local scientific institutions and industries with high added value to participate in CERN projects.

Action Plan

Communication Strategy.

CERN projects where Latvian stakeholders are in the capacity of partners


Scientists believe there’s more to discover in the field of nuclear medicine, but the challenges involved in securing a steady supply of radioactive isotopes that are of potential medical interest has been a restraining factor on research.


The Production of High Purity Isotopes by Mass Separation for Medical Application (PRISMAS-MAP) project is a CERN coordinated H2020 project proposal in the submission stage.