Institute of Particle Physics and Accelerator Technologies
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Institute of Particle Physics and Accelerator Technologies

Particle Accelerators and Societal Applications

In the field of Accelerator Technologies, RTU has considerable expertise, which is enhanced by participation in various projects and activities. RTU Center of High Energy Physics and Accelerator Technologies cooperates also with other RTU faculties having relevant expertise to accelerator technology field like power electronic, material science, coatings, manufacturing engineering, computer simulations and civil engineering.

Exhaust gas treatment

Ships are among the largest polluters in the world - the fuel used for their operation, heavy fuel oil, burns down sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen monoxide (NO), respectively called SOx and NOx. 

Medical Radioisotopes

Particle accelerator technologies have been used in medical applications for a long time. Nuclear medicine uses radioisotopes (radionuclides) to provide diagnostic information (identification) and therapy (treatment) of various medical conditions.