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The Innovation Fostering in Accelerator Science and Technology (I-FAST) project is a CERN coordinated H2020 project in the submission stage. This is a new instrument for particle accelerator R&D in Europe. It is unique due to the direct engagement of the project with industry as a co-innovation partner. The aim of it is to improve the sustainability of future accelerators via lower cost of technologies, lower power consumption and environmental impact. The Innovation Action project also aims to support the transition of the accelerator technologies developed within its framework towards industrial and medical applications and a status of an applied science in general. This is a major undertaking by the accelerator community, comprised of around 50 established and well-known scientific and industrial partners in Europe. In I-FAST, RTU contributes to the overall project management and leads Innovative accelerator technologies work package, as well as contributing to several other tasks within the project.

RTU role in the project:
WP1 Management, coordination and dissemination: RTU along with CERN and GSI is engaged in the overall project management, coordination and dissemination activities.  

WP9 Innovative superconducting cavities. 

WP10 Advanced accelerator technologies:  Additive Manufacturing for the Accelerator Community, repair of damaged accelerator components by AM technologies, machine Learning techniques for accelerator and target diagnostics at ESS. 

WP12 Societal applications: strategy for Implementing Novel Societal Applications of Accelerators and in particular and environmental applications of electron beams. 
More information on the project

H2020 programme: Innovation Action project

​This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under GA No 101004730.


Implementation stage: submitted 

Project partners: CEA, CERN, CIEMAT, INFN (WPLeader), PSI, University of Geneva, University of Uppsala, Wigner Research Pyhsics Center (Hu), ASG, BNG, Elytt, Scanditroix, Sigmaphi.

Total project expenses: 22.7 M EUR

Project implementation period: 1 May 2021 - 30 April 2025 (48 months)

The project team of RTU: 
Prof. Toms Torims 
Prof. Artūrs Medvids 
Prof. Agris Nikitenko 
Ms Aija Ruse