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Institute of Particle Physics and Accelerator Technologies

Opportunities at CERN

The Prime Minister of Latvia Māris Kučinskis with delegation visits CERN, 20.09.2017.
Photo: CERN

Latvia's involvement in CERN's activities is not only related to scientific research. Young Latvian scientists take part in various CERN-organized activities. Students and physics teachers from Latvia have been visiting CERN since 2013 to gain a broader view of particle physics related issues. A broad spectrum of Latvian companies and research institutions have been providing an added value to several CERN projects. All these activities allow us to show the achievements of science and encourage ourselves to participate at expanding the boundaries of knowledge.

Scientific Research

The collaborative relationship between Latvia and CERN has been developing gradually and in several fields of research in parallel.

Education and Outreach Activities

Recognising the value and significance of targeted educational and outreach initiatives,

Industrial Collaboration

Prospects of the industrial collaboration with CERN are of high importance to Latvia and its economy.