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Guest Seminars

Virtual CERN CMS Experiment Tour presented by RTU scientists working at CERN (in Latvian).

World class scientists in Latvia

As part of an on-going cooperation between RTU and CERN, which began in 2012, a number of esteemed scientists have given well-received guest lectures at the university. In total, more than 70 prominent physicists, engineers and experts from CERN have visited Latvian universities in a number of regular guest lecture series. The topics covered in these lectures have included high-energy physics, quantum physics, accelerator and beam technology, medical applications of accelerators and many more.

Notable guest lecturers who have visited our university are, among others, Prof. Jonathan R. Ellis, Dr. Paul Collier, Dr. Tadeusz Kurtyka, Dr. Christoph Schaefer, Dr. Maurizio Vretenar, Dr. Manjit Dosanjh, Dr. Thierry Stora and Dr. Yury Dokshitser.

Some lecturers who have visited RTU over the years

Dr. Tadeusz Kurtyka
On 12 October 2012, Riga Technical University had a noteworthy visitor, Dr. Tadeusz Kurtyka, who is the CERN International Relations expert for Eastern Europe countries. He came to sign an agreement between RTU and CERN and also gave a lecture.
Dr. Paul Collier - the Head of Beams at CERN. During his lecture, in 2016, he reported on the topical issues related to renewed work of the Large Hadron Collider and the introduced improvements in luminosity upgrade, antimatter issues, expansion of the range of future energy and neutrino research.
Dr. Christoph Schaefer, Senior Adviser for Relations with CERN Non-Member States, discussed Higgs boson and elementary particles, as well as provided an insight into the recent research on the Universe.

Prof. Jonathan Richard Ellis and Dr. Christoph Schaefer
It was an honor to welcome Prof. Jonathan Richard Ellis - a British theoretical physicist who currently holds the Clerk Maxwell Professorship of Theoretical Physics at King's College in London.

With kind support of CERN Prof. Ellis came to Riga in the frame of the European Physics Olympiad 2019 to address all participants of the Olympiad with his lecture «What are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? : Fundamental questions about the Universe asked by particle physicists at CERN».

Dr. Christoph Schaefer gave an inspirational speech during the award ceremony of European Physics Olympiad 2019 and awarded the silver medal winners.

Recorded guest seminars:

Daniel Schulte: Future Circular Collider
Paul Collier (CERN): The LHC: Past Pesent and Future
Maurizio Vretenar guestlecture «Particle Accelerators and CERN»

Kathrin Schulte guest lecture: Particle accelerators – application and research