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Summer School

Summer School


CERN Summer Student Programme

The CERN Summer Student Programme lasts throughout the summer, during which participants listen to lectures from world-class scientists and work in research teams. Participation in the CERN Summer School offers opportunities to create a wide range of contacts that will be useful to a scientific career, as scientists.

Latvian students have joined different CERN research teams by taking part in this summer programme and also other education and outreach activities.

Baltic school of High-Energy Physics and Accelerator Technologies

The Baltic school of High-Energy Physics and Accelerator Technologies 2020 will take place on the second week of August and will be hosted by the Riga Technical University (RTU) at the RTU Campus «Ronīši» in Klapkalnciems, Latvia. This will be a highly-intensive week-long school aimed at the doctoral and graduate Masters students. The school focuses on the students from the Baltic region, but it is be open for a wider community as well.

This school is organised by the CERN Baltic Group (CBG) – a consortium of eight institutions from the three Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in collaboration with CERN. The school is foreseen to become an annual event, with the hosting duties rotating between the Baltic countries. Each of the member institutions have agreed to guarantee the attendance of a minimum of 2 students, bringing the minimum expected attendance to 16 students, with the expected maximum of 30 and the total capacity at 40.

The school will provide lectures and discussion sessions on QFT, QED, QCD, SM and BSM physics, detector and accelerator technologies, experimental methods and, crucially, precision physics at the LHC. The school has already attracted prominent lecturers, such as John Ellis and Yury Dokshitser, with the remaining lecturers to be contacted in due course. This school is the first such event in the Baltic States and will play a huge and invaluable role in developing the high-energy physics community in the region.

This event is expected to immensely improve the recruitment of young and talented researchers into the field of particle physics and accelerator technologies. More tangibly, the output of this school will consist of a set of freely available lecture notes prepared as part of the lectures, which will be continuously and incrementally improved upon over the future editions of the school. Furthermore, a report will be prepared on the school afterwards, which will focus on evaluating the successes of the event and its impact on the high-energy physics community in the region. 

On the basis of the Certificate of Attendance to the fully participating students from relevant home institutions will be able to allocate an agreed amount of ECTS. Taking into account that CERN Summer Student Programme for 2020 is cancelled, one of the viable alternatives is to offer for nominated students from the CBG partner institutions an individual programme at CERN, as practical continuation of the CERN Baltic School - training in the autumn-winter season of 2020/21- under the CERN Baltic Internship initiative.

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