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Latvia – CERN

The President of Latvia Egils Levits meets with RTU scientists at CERN, 20.01.2020.
Photo: Presidential Chancellery of Latvia

What is CERN?
CERN stands for European Organization for Nuclear Research and forms the world’s largest research community in high-energy particle physics.

Our aim is to create a strong high-energy particle physics society in Latvia.

To boost up high-level scientific and industrial research and product development.

By accessing world’s most prestigious scientific center, which executes the best scientific projects and utilizes the most sophisticated technological solutions in the world.

Now! It is time to move from labour-intensive to knowledge-intensive products to provide development for Latvia.

Who will do that?
Latvian scientists, universities and industries.

CERN National Contact Point in Latvia

The National contact point for CERN in Latvia was established as a part of the Protocol to the ICA between Latvia and CERN. The duties of the national contact point form a crucial part of the portfolio of activities of the HEP&AT Centre.

CERN Latvia Group

CERN Latvia Group acts as a supporting body to the CERN National Contact Point in Latvia by promoting Latvian academic institutions and relevant industries in CERN activities like research in high-energy physics and particle accelerator technologies, industrial R&D projects, IT solution, data processing, etc.

Latvia’s Accession to CERN

Latvia's goal is to become an associated member state of CERN and, as such, strengthen the national high-energy particle physics community to become a full member of CERN at a later date. RTU and its representative at CERN, Professor Toms Torims have been directing Latvia to this goal since 2012, when RTU signed a cooperation agreement with CERN.

Opportunities at CERN

Latvia's involvement in CERN's activities is not only related to scientific research. Young Latvian scientists take part in various CERN-organized activities.