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RTU Center of High Energy Physics and Accelerator Technologies



Kārlis Dreimanis, PhD
Doctor of Philosophy in high-energy physics, Team Leader for the CMS Latvia Group at CERN. Obtained the doctoral degree from the University of Liverpool in 2017 for work on a soft QCD analysis at the LHCb experiment at CERN. Current physics activities include work in the Top quark and Higgs physics analysis groups at the CMS experiment, as well as work on the MTD sub-detector project for the CMS upgrade. Research interests mainly include precision physics at the LHC.


Position Phone E-mail
Deputy Director
Aija Rūse
Tasked with coordinating daily operational functions, streamlining management systems, monitoring budgets, management of the CERN National Contact Point. More than fifteen years of project management experience.
+371 26400288
Representative of Latvia at CERN
Dr. sc. ing. Toms Torims
PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Professor at the Chair of Material Processing Technology at RTU, CERN Scientific Associate, representative of Latvia at CERN, Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Advisor to the Rector of Riga Technical University. Field of research focuses on manufacturing technologies, particle accelerator application in the industry and additive manufacturing.
+371 20200195

Yury Dokshitser
Profesor in theoretical physics. Strategic Comitee Council member of State Research programme «State Research Programme in High Energy Physics and Accelerator Technologies». Fields of expertise: Theoretical elementary particle physics, quantum field theory, strong interactions at high energies, microscopic quark-gluon theory of hadrons and their interactions - quantum chromodynamics.

+371 67089202
Dr. sc. ing. Viesturs Veckalns
Physicist in the CMS experiment of the CERN LHC. Studying colour flow between two light jets resulting from the decay of the top quark – antiquark pair.
+371 28998253
Guntis Pikurs
MSc in Mechanical Engineering, RTU and CERN doctoral student. Researcher at CERN CMS Technical Integration office. Research interests - design, manufacturing and processing technologies.
+371 29217053
Andris Ratkus
RTU PhD in Production Engineering. Researcher at CERN. Research is focused on additive manufacturing and processing technologies.
+371 26666739
Artūrs Ivanovs
MSc in Electrical Engineering, researcher at the CERN Robotics Group, RTU PhD Student. Researcher at RTU department of Artificial Intelligence and Systems Engineering. Research interests – machine learning algorithms, radar imaging and their use in biomedical applications. Participating in ECSEL EU-funded CHARM project on industrial and IoT solutions.
Scietntific Assistant
Andris Potrebko 
PhD student in high-energy particle physics. Research interests - particle physics phenomenology and experimental high-energy physics. Currently involved in the top quark physics research at the CMS experiment, particularly, in the measurement of top/antitop quark mass difference.
+371 28220672
Scientific Assistant
Ekaterina Tskhay
MSc Student in RTU. Currently involved in HEP&AT Center projects. Research interests - additive manufacturing and processing technologies.
+371 29333548

Scientific Guest Assistant
Antra Gaile
MSc student in physics in the University of Latvia. Scientific Guest Assistant at HEP&AT Center, involved at the CMS experiment, research focus: Higgs analysis.

+371 67089202
Jevgenijs Proskurins, PhD
PhD in theoretical physics. Post Doctoral research at the CMS experiment, research focus: high energy physics.
+371 29515725
Jānis Vilcāns
Mg. sc. ing. in Mechanical Engineering. Currently involved in HEP&AT Center projects. Field of research -manufacturing technologies.
+371 28356355

Study Program Coordinator
Silva Vītola
Coordination of development of the Doctoral Study program «Particle Physics and Accelerator Technology».

+371 22334332
Office Manager
Elīna Grate
Front office administration, communication and coordination. Administrative support to the management of HEP&AT Centre. Coordination of the collaboration between RTU and CERN, in accordance with the implementation of the CERN National Contact point plan. Coordination of scientific projects at the Center.
+371 67089202

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