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Industry Group

The CBG Industry Group – Leader Dr. Mario Kadastik (National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics).

This workgroup aims to boost relationship between CERN, the member institutions of the CBG and the relevant industries in the Baltic countries.

As a country becomes an associate or a full member of CERN, an Industry Liaison Officer (ILO) post is created in each of these countries. The ILO is tasked with igniting and fostering connections between CERN and the businesses representing relevant-to-CERN industries in their respective country. As Lithuania has already joined CERN as an Associated Member State, the ILO for it is already in place and operational. Estonia and Latvia are in a preparatory state, ready to fill their ILO posts upon their respective ascension as CERN Associate Member States.

ILO is a very important post and must not be underestimated. They must be proactive and are vital in helping to identify relevant companies in their respective countries for the participation in CERN procurement processes.

The CBG industry group has a supplementary role for CERN-relevant industry engagement in the Baltic states and operates in close collaboration with the existing and future ILOs of the Baltic states. It fulfills the role of an organizational body tasked with coordinating the industry engagement with CERN on a regional level.

Main objectives of the group are:

  • Identification of the best avenues for maximizing the return for local industries from participation in the CERN procurement processes.
  • Identification of the appropriate industry partners for collaboration in research activities in the fields of high-energy physics and accelerator technologies;
  • Aiding the networking between the relevant industries in the three Baltic states and facilitating the collaboration on appropriate projects.

Several industry-related events have already been organised for the business in Latvia, where the cooperation and technological opportunities have been discussed in detail.


Adomas Jelinskas, Project consultant at Lithuanian Innovation Centre, CERN ILO in Lithuania.
Mokslininku str. 6A
LT-08412 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 65519090

Website www.lic.lt www.cern.lt


Dr. Triin Kangro, PhD, CERN Project Manager & ILO, Trade Development Agency Enterprise Estonia
Tallinn (Lasnamäe 2)
+372 5648 9514



To be appointed in due course