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Scientific Journal

Scientific Journal

The scientific journal «History of Engineering Sciences and Institutions of Higher Education» of the RTU Research Centre for Engineering History has been published since 2017. The journal is published once a year and aims to publish research in the history of engineering and university education, to introduce it to engineers, students and other interested persons and to promote achievements in engineering and university education.

Part of scientific articles are published according to the reports of their authors in the section «History of Engineering Sciences and Institutions of Higher Education » of the annual RTU International Scientific Conference.

Topics of the journal: activities of Latvian universities’ graduates, lecturers and students and investment in engineering, activities of factories and certain industries, activities of universities.

In the appendix of the scientific journal, the chronology of the key events of study year and farewell words for the long-lived RTU scientists are added.

Rules for submitting scientific articles to authors

RTU RCEH Scientific Journal can be read here:
2018 in English
2019 in English
2020 in English

In order to preserve the heritage of RTU engineering sciences, as well as to inform the public about the history of the university, RCEH publishes scientific journals, scientific monographs and popular-scientific publications.