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«History of Higher Technical Education in Latvia» Volume 4

In the summer of 2011, chanting the 150th Anniversary of RTU, the university team of authors published the 4th Volume of the book. This historical reflection opens the door of the university to the reader in 1990 – a time that we can evaluate in many ways in all the meanings of this word. The change of name of the Polytechnic was not only a formal «cosmetic repair», but also a very important act that not only repainted the facade, but also revived its internal structure according to the university and allowed it to fly its flag in the common European education system.

This time coincided with the coincidence of political thaws in Latvia – the time of the Third Awakening, culminating on 4 May 1990 – the Supreme Soviet of the LSSR adopts a declaration «On the Restoration of the Independence of the Republic of Latvia». This declaration threw further processes of university education in the country into a cardinal jumble of formations, introducing significant changes in the work of RTU. For example, the study system changed significantly with the introduction of professional, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral study programs.

The author of the foreword of the book is the former rector of RTU Ivars Knēts. He names the first lines of the book symbolically – RTU – the cornerstone of Latvia’s successful progress. The material of the book is divided into three chapters, revealing to the reader the corridors of the university (read - structure), academic activities, the kitchen of social and economic life. In the second part of the book, the authors reveal to the reader the importance of RTU faculties on the overall uniform of the university. In the third part, the authors highlight to the reader RTU’s independent branches, institutes and study departments.