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Electronics Club

The Electronics Club is a place where students can develop their knowledge in electronics, promoting interest in studies and increasing competitiveness in the labour market. In this student club, anyone who is interested can implement their study courses and even their own individual projects here. In this club we have students with experience who will be ready to help with some great advice and even share the necessary knowledge for execution of the project. Various types of trips and workshops are regularly organised by the members of the Electronics Club and the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications.

Join the club to learn new skills, repair your electrical equipment, or to simply spend your spare time productive!

Location: Āzenes street 12, study room - 114.

Students Club Manager: Valters Šne

Tech Amateurs

The aim of “Tech Amateurs” is to develop students’ knowledge of cars and their operational principles, provide practical experience in car repair and to learn the base of metalworking. 

In this club, students get the opportunity to try their hand at car repair works, problem diagnosis, car restoration and metalwork. Acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge, how to create your own metal parts and even reinforced welding skills will be taught.

The club offers students a wide array of tools to help execute the successful project in tech amateurs. These include the welding machine, drill, angle grinder, torque wrench, spring compressor, multimeter, hammers, sander, industrial fan, compressor, filers, car jack, and many more.

Students Club Manager: Reinis Masulis
Contact: m

Medical Equipment

The aim of this club is to promote the self-growth of students, replenishment of knowledge and to develop practical skills in the medical engineering sector. As a part of this, students are given the opportunity to add and apply knowledge in practice already outside the study process. By creating an opportunity both to get acquainted with the medical equipment used in Latvia, and when dealing with technically related tasks. This promotes awareness about the specifics of the work of a medical engineer.

At student club meetings, either a specific medical facility or an engineering problem is considered, and the related tasks are solved both theoretically and practically.

Students Club Manager: Laura Ozoliņa
Contact: m

Programming Club "Semicode"

In this club like-minded students are gathering together, and it is also open to anyone looking to improve their programming or other IT skills. Multi-scale projects are organised to achieve the goal, in which the mentors are being invited to check the code. Particular attention has been paid to acquire the skills needed in the industry.

The choice of the programming language for its acquisition and project development depends on each individually. Club members are invited to share their experiences and discoveries with each other, so that they can together improve their skills and knowledge in IT scope.

Students Club Manager: Mārtiņš Būmanis
Contact: m

Construction Mechanics Club

The aim of the Construction Mechanics Club is to expand students’ knowledge both within and outside their study course on construction. This is an opportunity for students to ask any unclear questions based on the topic. Since the very beginning, the goal of this club has been to not only create interest in construction mechanics, but also to use newly acquired knowledge in creating new technologies to accelerate the solution of construction problems. The club format is designed to create a supportive environment in which senior students can advise and assist their newcomer peers.

Of course, construction mechanics do not limit itself to the assigned calculation problems within the course of study – each year, there are only more various calculation and modelling programs. Because the university cannot adjust its study course at such speed, this club is an ideal insight into various new computer programs in which knowledge of construction mechanics is applied.

Students Club Manager: Elvis Znotins
Contact: m