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RTU Student Parliament


What does the RTU Student Parliament do?

The RTU Student Parliament is a place for students who care about the wellbeing of other students and wish to add value to their student experience, defending the interests of their peers and creating new projects. The RTU SP unites Student Councils from all faculties and Study and Science Centres, meaning that every Council member is also an RTU SP member. The RTU SP represents students in decision-making institutions, improves the quality of studies, popularises science amongst students, suggests improvements in RTU infrastructure and organises a wide variety of events.

What is there to gain by joining the Student Parliament?

By being an RTU student representative or active member, you can acquire a variety of skills:

  • teamwork, including leadership roles, delegation of work, deadline management
  • ommunication skills, including public speaking
  • time management
  • critical thinking
  • work with finances

In addition to being able to represent students in RTU institutions and gaining valuable skills, this is also the perfect opportunity to make new friends and useful contacts!

Where is the RTU Student Parliament located?

The RTU Student Parliament is located on the ground floor of the RTU student accommodation (Āzenes ielā 8), opposite RTU ETF. This is what it looks like from the outside:

What can I do at the SP office

At the SP office you can relax, study or work on other projects, get to know SP members and activists or come in for a friendly chat with the office administrator!

Can I create or renew my student ID at the Student Parliament

No, however this can be done at Student Services on the other side of the building (Āzenes ielā 6)!

Is RTU merch available at the RTU SP?

Yes, almost all existing RTU merchandise is available for purchase at the RTU SP office. We highly recommend it!

What questions can I ask the Student Parliament or its members?

Feel free to contact us with questions on any academic, scientific, social or other issues.

You can also turn to the RTU SP Board members to find out more about their departments, or how to get involved with the RTU STP. If you would simply like to talk to us and get to know one another, we’re very friendly and open!

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