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Student council

Student council

RTU Latvian Maritime Academy Student Council is an elected body representing the rights and interests of RTU LMA students, which is responsible for:

  • representing interests of RTU LMA students;
  • defending the interests and rights of the academic, social and cultural life of the students at institutional level;
  • advising students, assisting in problem-solving;
  • organising study, scientific, cultural, sport and social activities;
  • contributing to a creative, modern and supportive environment within RTU LMA.

RTU LMA Student Council comprises the following:
1. RTU LMA Student Council Board;
2. Members;
3. Activists.

Any RTU LMA student can become a member of the RTU LMA Student Council by nominating his/her candidate in the annual elections of student councils of RTU faculties, study and science centres and independent institutes organised by the RTU Student Council. Any RTU LMA student may participate in the activities of the RTU LMA Student Council as an Activist without becoming a Member.

Important! RTU LMA students who complete their seagoing practice for part of the academic year may not be members of the Board, but may be Members of the Student Council.

Contact details:
Armands Rancāns, President of RTU LMA Student Council
+371 28378100 m