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Quality policy

Quality policy

The main objective of the RTU Latvian Maritime Academy is to provide students with modern higher/secondary professional maritime education and academic training, as well as to develop applied science in order to maintain the necessary intellectual potential of the maritime industry of the Republic of Latvia and to gain a stable position and recognition in the international maritime education and labour market.

The main activity of RTU Latvian Maritime Academy is to provide high quality maritime education and to implement high quality maritime education programmes. Our educational programmes foster students' ability to assume leadership roles, develop curiosity and high professional ethical standards, as well as strong self-discipline. RTU LMA provides graduates with the professional skills and knowledge necessary to be competitive world-class maritime professionals, to succeed in maritime industry, keep their knowledge continuously up-to-date and strive for lifelong learning.

By quality at RTU Latvian Maritime Academy we mean:

  • RTU LMA graduates who are competitive in the Latvian and international labour market;
  • compliance with the requirements of national and international regulatory enactments;
  • modern study/training programmes that meet the needs of the labour market and can be implemented flexibly;
  • effective implementation of study and project/research related processes in all structural units of RTU LMA;
  • opportunities to acquire the results of the latest scientific research, modern technologies and practical experience at RTU LMA;
  • building partnerships with employers, universities, institutions and scientific and research organisations in Latvia and abroad;
  • staff motivation and qualification;
  • modern information support and infrastructure;
  • creation of a positive image of RTU LMA.

It is the responsibility of RTU LMA senior executives to create the necessary preconditions for quality work at RTU LMA and make staff aware of their role in achieving quality objectives.