Faculty of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
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Faculty of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Mechanics Expertise Center

Head of Center, Dr. habil. sc. ing. Jānis Vība
Ķīpsalas iela 6B – 528
+371 29615944 

Jānis Vība - Chief Expert of the FMETA Mechanics Expertise Center (MEC), Corresponding Member in Mechanics of Latvian Academy of Sciences, Expert in Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering of the Latvian Council of Science.
Expert Dr. sc. ing. Edgars Kovals 
Expert Mg. sc. ing. Māris Eiduks 
Ekspert Mg. sc.ingMārtiņš Irbe 

Ask – we will help
Not everyone should be an expert on all issues and events around us. You can call us about mechanics, mechanical engineering, equipment, household accidents. We will tell you where to address if it is another area. Please call, write, ask us.

The main working fields of MEC

  • Ensures independent and objective theoretical, practical and technical expertise conclusions in the field of mechanics, in accordance with the legislation of Republic of Latvia, European and international regulations.
  • Carries out RTU cooperation with public and private structures in the analysis of new technical and technological inventions; in assessing the strength, durability and stability of structures; in forecasting the dynamics of mechanical systems and solving complex problems in mechanical systems of variable structures.
  • Provides mathematically based conclusions to judicial authorities, insurance companies and individuals on mechanical collisions, damage and destruction of material objects under normal and extreme modes of movement, taking into account the environment and weather conditions.
  • Identifies and analyzes the potential for catastrophes and chaos in technology, human society and the environment.
  • Together with insurance companies, road safety services and independent experts, RTU organizes training of new experts and trasologists in the analysis of traffic accidents from the point of view of dynamics, using the latest achievements in the field of science.
  • Establishes the technical and theoretical basis for scientific work in the field of mechanical expertise in cooperation with European experts.
  • The results of the Centre's research are used in the theoretical and practical training of students.
  • Participates in the development of new regulatory enactments and expertise - certification methods.

The most important works:

  • Expertise of the restoration of the stars of the Latvian Freedom Monument.
  • Identification of the condition of the columns and walls of the Riga Dome Cathedral.
  • Examination of the restoration of the mechanisms of the Latvian National Theater.