Faculty of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
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Faculty of Civil and Mechanical Engineering


Acting Dean Līga Gaile

6A Kipsalas Street, room 448, Riga

Contacts for general inquiry

e-mail , phone +371 67089711

Position Address Phone E-mail

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Assistant Professor Dr. sc. ing. Marina Čerpinska

6A Kipsalas street, room 459 +371 25123652

Vice Dean for Science,
Acting Director of the Institute of Materials and Structures
Assistant Professor  Dr. sc. ing. Sandris Ručevskis

6A Kipsalas street, room 441 +371 29282562

Vice Dean for Innovations
Assistant Professor Ivo Vaicis, Ph.D.

6A Kipsalas street, room 457 +371 28324137
Vice Dean for Development and Finance
Pēteris Druķis
6A Kipsalas street room 349A +371 29233300

Vice Dean for Administration,
Director of the Institute Institute of Structural Engineering
Prof.Dr. sc. ing. Leonīds Pakrastiņš

6A Kipsalas street, room 451 +371 67089145

Director of the Institute of Transport Infrastructure Engineering
Prof. Dr. sc. ing. Ainārs Paeglītis

6A Kipsalas Street, room 336 +371 67089223

Director of the Institute of Heat, Gas and Water technology
Prof. Dr. habil. sc. ingEgīls Dzelzītis

6A Kipsalas Street, room 544


Director of the Institute of Construction Technology
Prof. Dr. sc. ing. Mārtiņš Vilnītis

6A Kipsalas Street, room 343 +371 29121187
Director of Institute of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
Professor Dr. sc. ing., IWE/EWE Irīna Boiko
6B Kipsalas Street, room 406 +371 26037158

Director of Institute of Biomedicine Engineering and Nanotechnologies
Academic Dr. habil. phys. Jurijs Dehtjars

6B Kipsalas Street, room 321 +371 67089422

Director of Institute of Aeronautics
Associate Professor Dr. sc. ing.  Ilmārs Blumbergs

6B Kipsalas Street, room 512 +371 29596694

Director of Institute of Transport
Associate Professor Dr. sc. ing. Edmunds Kamoliņš

6B Kipsalas Street, room 207 +371 67089889