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Personal Protective Equipment Laboratory

Personal Protective Equipment Laboratory

This is the only wide-spectrum personal protective equipment, textile materials, and textile product testing and evaluation laboratory in Latvia, with unique world-class equipment. Moreover, the laboratory also conducts anthropometry and ergonomics tests and research, as well as develops new technologies, promoting the growth of the Latvian economy.

The laboratory provides high-level testing services for the certification of personal protective equipment, conducts objective and independent testing and result interpretation of textile materials and textile products, as well as professional expertise in accordance with Latvian, European, and international regulatory acts and standards.

Its equipment consists of around 80 different devices, intended for testing personal protective equipment (such as masks, respirators, filters, and special-purpose clothing like protective suits and workwear) and a wide range of textile materials and textile products, both for research, developing sustainable and ergonomic materials and products.

The laboratory's main areas of activity are:

  • Testing of general properties of textile materials:
    • Composition of fibrous materials;
    • Physical characteristics;
    • Mechanical properties.
  • Testing of textile materials, textile products, and protective equipment:
    • Protection against heat and flames;
    • Water resistance;
    • Heat resistance and steam permeability;
    • Resistance to biological hazards - microbial cleanliness of materials and microbial penetration;
    • Testing in specific microclimate conditions (thermal mannequin with functions simulating breathing, sweating, and movement);
  • Testing of respiratory protective equipment;
  • Anthropometry and ergonomics tests and research.

The scientific personnel of the laboratory have extensive experience in collaboration with textile industry companies in Latvia and worldwide, as well as with healthcare, the State Fire and Rescue Service, the State Border Guard, the National Armed Forces, the State Revenue Service, as well as professional athletes, improving uniforms, researching and developing innovative personal protective equipment, and developing methods to improve garment ergonomics.

Ensuring knowledge transfer, on-demand further education courses are available on the characterization of personal protective equipment, textile materials, and standardized testing methods.

6B Kipsalas Street, room 242, Riga, LV-1048, Latvia

+371 29364004