Faculty of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
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Faculty of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Institute of Sustainable Building Materials and Engineering Systems

Acting Director, Professor, Dr. sc. ing. Anatolijs Borodiņecs
6A Kipsalas street 539, Riga
+371 26079655 

The Institute offers higher education in the programme «Heat, Gas and Water Technology". It is an important sub-discipline of civil engineering, closely related to energy, mechanical engineering, ecology and environmental protection, based mainly on flow mechanics, engineering thermodynamics, thermal physics of construction, acoustics and light engineering, applied climatology, water chemistry, microbiology and human psychophysiology. The study programme offers the possibility to specialise in two fields: building engineering systems and urban infrastructure. Each of these offers specialised subjects. The Building Engineering Systems specialisation includes: heating and air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, gas, cold and hot water supply, sewerage, fire-fighting equipment and systems. In the area of settlement infrastructure: district heating, conventional and alternative sources of thermal energy, gas supply, water supply and sewerage, their regional planning aspects, as well as gas transport and storage, drinking water abstraction and treatment, water treatment plants, fire-fighting water treatment, transport and storage.

RTU is the only university in Latvia that trains engineers and researchers in this specialty for large joint stock companies and municipal enterprises such as JSC «Latvijas Gāze», «Rīgas Siltums», «Rīgas Ūdens», etc., as well as specialists for the design and installation of building engineering systems. Heat, gas and water technology specialists provide heating, gas supply, water supply and sewerage services to the infrastructure of cities and other settlements and carry out the necessary modernisation, operation and maintenance of the engineering systems installed in buildings.

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