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Faculty of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Institute

Acting Director  Associate Professor Dr. sc. ing. Artis Kromanis
6B Kipsalas street 413, Riga
+371 26779672

Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Institute (MBEI) is an innovative and development-oriented educational and research institution actively operating in the field of engineering and technology. The institute prides itself on a wide range of research areas, including:

  • mechanical engineering technology;
  • medical engineering;
  • applied mechanics;
  • thermal engineering;
  • manufacturing automation;
  • nanoengineering;
  • powder materials technology.

MBEI scientists are actively involved in both national and international projects, making a significant contribution to the advancement of science and technology. Research results are regularly published in internationally recognized scientific journals. The institute has created several patented inventions and developed knowledge that fosters innovation.
MBEI is a place where science and technology meet practical application, creating solutions that change the world.

Study Programs
MBEI offers study programs at various levels.

Bachelor's Studies:

  • Professional bachelor's programs «Mechanical and Instrumental Engineering», «Mechatronics», «Medical Engineering and Physics», «Industrial Design», «Thermal Energy and Thermal Engineering».
  • Academic bachelor's program «Engineering Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering».

Master's Studies:

  • Academic master's programs «Production Technology» and «Engineering Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering». 
  • Professional master's programs «Thermal Energy and Thermal Engineering», «Medical Engineering and Physics».

Doctoral Studies: «Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics».

Scientific Competencies
MBEI's scientific activities cover several significant areas. The main research competencies include mechanical engineering, with a special focus on metrology and tribology, biomedical engineering with an emphasis on nanoengineering and smart sensors, as well as theoretical mechanics, exploring nonlinear vibrations. In addition, the institute specializes in industrial engineering, focusing on CNC machining, as well as heat and cold transfer technologies and industrial design.

Scientific Laboratories
MBEI includes several specialized scientific laboratories that ensure high-quality research and development work. Among them are the Biomedical and Nanoengineering Laboratory, focusing on biochip technologies and smart textiles, the Powder Materials Laboratory, the Welding and Thermal Processes Laboratory, as well as the Metrology Laboratory, which provides precise measurements and calibrations. In addition, research is conducted in the fields of mechanics, biotextile materials, machine and mechanism dynamics, and tribology in the institute's laboratories.

Research Directions
MBEI's research directions cover a wide spectrum, ranging from 3D biotextiles with nanocomposite-enhanced protective properties to experimental research and modeling of composite materials. The institute also conducts research on multifunctional nanostructured smart coatings and the micro and macro mechanical and tribological properties of surfaces. Other significant research areas include improving the efficiency of heat supply operations and replacing fossil fuels with alternative energy sources, as well as industrial design.
MBEI is a place where science and technology meet practical application, creating solutions that change the world. The institute invites both students and industry representatives to collaborate in shaping the future together.

Biochip Scientific Laboratory

Biomedical and Nanoengineering Research Laboratory

Mechanics Expertise Center

Biotextile Research Laboratory

Machine and Mechanism Dynamics Research Laboratory

Scientific Laboratory of Powder Materials

Tribology Laboratory