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On 1 March, The University of Liepāja Will Join the RTU Ecosystem, Strenghtening Its Role in the Development of Kurzeme and Latvia

More power in studies and science, more opportunities for students and faculty and the creation of a new educational ecosystem in Kurzeme - such changes are expected after the government decision on 1 March that Liepaja University (Liepāja University) will join Riga Technical University (RTU) as a separate structural unit, retaining its autonomy and the humanities and social sciences characteristic of the university.

29th of February

Baltic and Czech Universities Withdraw From the Organisation CESAER, Which Refuses to Exclude Russian University From it’s Membership

The leading technical universities of the Baltics and the Czech Republic, in solidarity with Ukraine and underlining their commitment to fundamental human values and international law, are withdrawing from the Conference of European Scools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER), because, after lengthy discussions, it has not, in the context of war in Europe, excluded from its membership the university of the aggressor Russia - Tomsk Polytechnic University, which openly supports the Russian war in Ukraine. Nor has the CESAER Board of Directors voted to make it clear that this Russian university has no place in the organisation.

27th of February

An Ambitious Project Creates Digital Success Stories in Latvia

This year, the Digital Accelerator of Latvia (DAoL) project, implemented by a number of Latvian universities, including Riga Technical University, and industry partners, plans to launch a programme to support the development of digital skills of company employees. Last year, various events and activities were implemented to create digital success stories in Latvia.

26th of February