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Foreign students are invited to do sports using monthly virtual money

1st of January
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Students of International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department (IC FSD) of Riga Technical University are invited to attend sports classes by using university's virtual money. Each student of IC FSD will get 10 euros per month to freely spend on sports activities.

Each student can apply for sports trainings on the RTU Sports Center website. Authorization with your ORTUS user credentials will be necessary. The virtual money will be activated upon student’s first login during each calendar month. In case of any uncertainties please consult the Instructions of RTU Sport system. If the monthly virtual money does not activate immediately after opening the profile, please try to login again.

The virtual money will be given by the university on the first date of each month and will be available till the end of the month when the remaining funds will be automatically deleted. After spending the virtual money given by the university students are welcome to replenish the virtual money account with personal funds. Upon transferring personal money students will automatically receive additional 50% bonus from RTU. The minimum deposit amount is 15 euros.

At the moment students can choose the following sports activities – Basketball, Body Toning, Boxing, Football, Gym, Interval Training, Rock Climbing, Swimming, Volleyball, Water aerobics and Yoga.

Feel free to contact the administration of RTU Sports Center in case of any questions - .

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