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Employees of RTU are invited to use Swimming pool and Gym for free

21st of August, 2023
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Employees of Riga Technical University (RTU) are welcome to use Kipsala Swimming Pool and Gym for free, as well as play Table Tennis. Employees will be able to use this opportunity by doing registration for each lesson on the RTU Sports Center website.

RTU employees will have free access to the following individual sports acitvities – Swimming Pool + Sauna and Gym in the Kipsala Swimming pool, as well as Gym and Table Tennis in the RTU Sports Center, Meža Street 1a.

Each employee can apply for sports trainings on the RTU Sports Center website. Authorization with your ORTUS user credentials will be necessary.

In order to track all visits, RTU employee must register in the subsection «Apply for classes» of the «Sports classes» section of the RTU Sports system before each appointment.

When choosing the time of the lessons, we invite you to use the filter choosing «Employees», which will help you more quickly select the free lessons offered for employees.

In the schedule, individual sports services will appear as «All day lessons», where the appointment can be made in the specified time period of your choice.

Instructions of RTU Sport system

Feel free to contact Deputy Director of RTU Sports Center in case of any questions - 

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