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Step 1 - Login
Find section “My Profile” at the top of the home page. To authorize, you need to enter your ORTUS username and password. When you log in to your profile for the first time, you will be asked to agree to the Terms of Use. This is important information that you need to read. The profile will include information about the user (name, surname, personal code, gender, virtual account balance, e-mail and phone number). In case of phone number and e-mail change, it is necessary to renew the information as it is required to ensure our communication with you, as well as to inform you about the cancellation of sports lessions.
Step 2 - Apply for Sports Lessions
To apply for sports lessions, go to section --> Sports Lessions --> Apply for a Lession.
Step 3 - Choice of a Sports Lession
Choose a sports lession by clicking on it in a convenient and suitable time for you. (If you want to look at the details of a lession, simply put the mouse/cursor over it and additional information about the time, place, coach, costs and the number of available places in the group will appear). You can choose lessions according to different criteria, such as type of sports, sports base, coach, etc.
Step 4 - Lession Summary
Here you can find more information about the chosen sports lession.
Step 5 - My Selection of Sports Lessions
In “My Profile” section, you will be able to see all your lessions and choose what to do with them. Remember, if you have just applied for a lession but have not paid, in this case the reservation has not yet been made and the place in the group is not occupied. You can apply for several lessions in advance.
Step 6 - Payment Terms

1) If there is enough money in the virtual account, the student can make a payment;

2) If there is not enough money in the virtual account, there is an opportunity to replenish it.

The minimum deposit is 15.00 EUR, and RTU will grant additional 50% of the paid amount. (Example – If you have deposited 15.00 EUR, then you will receive 7.50 EUR from us).

The account can be replenished in the same way as paying for invoices created in the study system. All customers have an opportunity to prepare an electronic invoice for advance payment and pay for it themselves. In this case, the processing will be slightly longer and may take up to 2 business days. Therefore, we recommend that you deposit the money in a timely manner. If after depositing money you have not received the money in your virtual account within 2-3 business days, please contact the administration of the Sports Centre by e-mail .

It is mandatory to indicate the number of the received invoice, your name, surname and personal code in the payment purpose!

Step 7 - Class Cancellation
Important! Return/refund of virtual money for cancelled reservation will be made in the following cases – If the cancellation is made 24 hours before the lession or the administration has cancelled the lession (insufficient number of students; absence of the coach, inaccessibility of a sports base).

If the registration has been successful, we will meet you at the sports lessions!