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National Projects

National Projects

The Institute of Architecture and Design also implements several local projects in cooperation with other RTU faculties and Latvian universities, municipalities, companies and professional organizations.

Improvement of Technological Solutions of Energy Efficiency of Buildings, State Research Programme, 2018-2021
International Cross-Disciplinary Wood Architecture Conference, Cooperation project, since 2017
Study «Feasibility Analysis for Possibilities of Construction of Outdoor Swimming Pools». Research financed by JSC «Rīgas siltums», 2017

Objective of the study: To evaluate the usefulness of investments, to conduct a study and prepare a report on the possibilities of construction of an open swimming pool complex and its profitability limits in the city of Riga, depending on the demand and climatic conditions.

Main results:

  • The developed a design and spatial proposal (architectural sketches) of the object (main pool, children's pool, supplementary spaces, other activities to achieve the profitability of the complex), required land plot area and territory landscaping, spatial volumes of the objects in the complex, basic calculations (for pool and for profitability);
  • Review of collected case studies - analysis of similar objects (targeting the same climate zone);
  • An explanatory note (functional and technical solutions, design and construction regulations requirements overview);
  • Calculation of engineering indicators - (energy and other resource consumption, etc.)
  • A summary of economic indicators - (after comparative methods: construction costs, projected operating costs, payback period) and assess the risks of project implementation.
Identification and Actualisation of the Heritage of Latvian Art and Architecture, State Research Programme, 2015-2017
The Identity of Architecture and Urban Environment of Riga in XX and XXI Century, State Research Programme, 2012-2016
Study «Housing Development in the Historical Center of Riga and Its Protection Zone», 2014

The objectives of the study are:

  • To obtain a statistical and spatial assessment of the housing stock and housing conditions of the Historical Center of Riga (HCR) and its protection zone;
  • Based on the assessment, to develop proposals for preservation of housing function and sustainable housing policy in the territory of the HCR, considering common trends and the context of the development of the city of Riga.

The study is addresses housing, related policies, development trends and opportunities.

Keywords: Historical Center of Riga, housing, population, urban decline