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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Aeronautics

Department of Thermal Power Systems

Department of Thermal Power Systems

Contact Person for Communication, Assistant Professor  Varis Žentiņš, Ph.D.

Ķīpsalas iela 6b–546

The Department of Thermal Power Systems (TPS) has been providing Latvia with specialists in the fields of heat and electricity generation, transmission, operation and Thermal technologies for many decades.

Specialists in the field of heat energy and heat engineering with education corresponding to the labour market are needed in heat and electricity production, transmission and distribution companies, as well as in practically any company whose technologies and activities are related to heat use and development and implementation of related projects.

Thermal energy and heat engineering engineers work in all leading companies in the industry (A/S Latvenergo, A/S Rīgas Siltums, A/S Liepājas Enerģija, A/S UPB, A/S Inspecta Latvija, etc.), as well as in Latvian city and village heat supply companies, metrological centers, wood, food, agriculture, metalworking and mechanical engineering companies, boiler houses and even house management companies.

Department of Thermal Power Systems provide with studies in all levels:

Duration of studies: 4 years, of which 1 year is production traineeship (A/S Latvenergo, SIA Rīgas Siltums or other). It is possible to continue studies after graduation from the college. The study programme includes study courses on heat energy production, design, installation and maintenance of boiler houses and cogeneration plants, as well as on production and design of heat energy equipment.

Duration of studies: 1.5 years. For local students tuition can be financed by the Latvian Government,
After graduating from the Master's degree, it is possible to continue studies at the Doctoral level (within the study field «Heat Engineering» of the doctoral study programme «Engineering, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering»)
Guarantees for the future: work is guaranteed in the demanded and topical sector, wide choice of employer, stable and guaranteed remuneration.

Press release: The demand for thermal energy specialists in the market is high

Lecture rooms and equipment can be viewed in the image gallery.

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