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Program Contents

Program Contents

All MA level courses cultivate students’ profound skills of translating, interpreting and annotating both spoken and written texts. Besides, our students aquire strong cognitive and communication skills that might promote their further professional growth as language experts.

With respect to the content, the Professional Master Study Programme includes:
  • General theoretical subjects in the chosen field in the corresponding foreign language (English), such as the theoretical concepts of translatology, theoretical linguistics, modern methods of text analysis, the history of translation theory, cross-cultural aspects of the language;
  • Professional subjects directly related to translation: translation of specialized texts and Eurotexts, modern technologies in translation, scientific writing, semantics and pragmatics in translation. The programme includes consecutive translation practice. To perform successful written and oral translation of the respective texts, the programme provides a course in business and law terminology («key notions»). It enhances students’ notional competence and terminological skills and abilities in translating corresponding texts.
  • Study subjects related to the responsibilities of a translator: development of communicative and technical skills of a translator/interpreter;
  • Advanced course in a second foreign language: German, Spanish or French.
  • Psychology and pedagogy.

Due to the adequate structural subdivision of study courses, the implementation of the programme fully conforms to its aim to educate technical translators of a high professional qualification.

Detailed Description of MA Courses