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Professional Master Study Programme «Technical Translation»

The Professional Master Study Programme consolidates and expands students' experience, knowledge and skills in field-specific technical translation, acquired within the framework of the professional Bachelor study programme. The concept of the study programme differs from similar translation study programmes in Humanities as it covers activities that concern specific practical applications. Consequently, not only linguists, but also specialists in the corresponding fields of technology participate in the implementation of the study programme. Within the area studied, Master graduates are expected to possess advanced knowledge of a specialized body of applied topics; advanced analytical skills, critical thinking and ability to think rigorously and independently. Having completed Professional Master Studies, students attain a Professional Master Degree in Technical Translation and the Qualification of a Technical Translator - Desk Officer.

We believe that at present it is vitally important to develop students’ competences in accordance with the requirements of the labour market. For this reason, all courses of MA program are based on highly-practical and up-to-date teaching concepts.

Detailed description of the MA program

Program Contents

All MA level courses cultivate students’ profound skills of translating, interpreting and annotating both spoken and written texts. Besides, our students aquire strong cognitive and communication skills that might promote their further professional growth as language experts.