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RTU – Best Latvian Higher Education Institution in Attracting Funding from Industry

2nd of September, 2020

In the prestigious «The Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2021», Riga Technical University (RTU) has been recognised as 284th best university in the world in terms of university cooperation with industry. In this aspect, RTU has been on the world’s TOP 300 university list for several years and this ranking has grown every year. The ranking includes the best universities in the world, evaluating their performance in five indicators – collaboration with industry, studies, internationalisation, and science and citation.

University collaboration with industry is evaluated in the ranking by looking at how much income the university has generated from knowledge transfer. It also analyses the contribution of the university to business development through innovation, inventions and expertise, as well as the ability of universities to raise funding from the commercial sector.

RTU collaborates actively with companies; it has more than 100 contracts annually in different sectors developing new technologies and products, conducting research, testing, prototyping, providing consultations, opinions and other knowledge-based services. RTU is participating in various cooperation programmes with entrepreneurs, for example, in collaboration with LMT, an innovation grant «Industrial Doctor» is being offered to students, in which future Doctors develop their PhD Thesis on a specific topic useful for the development of the company and this topic is initiated by the company itself.

In comparison with the previous year, this year the rating of RTU has grown in four of the five rating criteria, in collaboration with industry, studies, science and internationalisation. RTU has retained its place in the 1000+ university group. 

The science criterion takes into account the results of a reputation survey, university income from research and its productivity. The internationalization criterion assesses the proportion of foreign students and academic staff as well as international cooperation in research based on the citation indicators of scientific publications. Performance in studies is evaluated by the results of a reputation survey, the ratio of students and academic staff, the proportion of academic staff with a doctoral degree, and other indicators. On the other hand, citation, or the impact of research, reveals the role of universities in creating and disseminating new knowledge and ideas. 

«The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021» has been published on September 2 and it lists 1527 world higher education institutions. The University of Oxford takes the first place in the rating, which is followed by Stanford University and Harvard University.

Ranking: www.timeshighereducation.com

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2nd of September, 2020 at 14:08

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